Cement & Brickwork | Nassau County, NY

Brick projects can add a splash of color, warmth, and charm to your home. Masonry will do more than almost any other project to improve the usefulness and beauty of your garden or yard. A brick patio, for example, creates an outdoor living area that is ideal for entertaining or just relaxing. And the beauty of a brick walk or driveway need not be extolled at length. Anyone who has seen the brickwork done by John Cusumano Construction Inc. is immediately aware of its charm.

When it comes to cement work, John Cusumano Construction Inc. does it all. We specialize in interior and exterior work.

We develop everything from foundations to sidewalks, truck ramps, loading docks, machine pits, trench drains, any type of floor drains, any type of floor slab, retaining walls, tank containment curbs and walls, driveways, approaches, curbs, walks, and handicap slabs. We also perform any type of concrete cutting, coring, breaking and removal.

John Cusumano Construction Inc. pays close attention to every detail and precision with all brick and cement projects, with beauty and reliability as the end result.