Do you feel safe at night? Do you worry when leaving your home unattended? Choosing a door for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make. If you place security and maintenance as a high priority, check out some of the new steel doors on the market. Steel doors are much stronger than wood or fiberglass. Most are made of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel over a wood or steel frame, with a high-density insulation core foamed in place, giving the door structural rigidity and high insulation values.

There are also high quality natural wood doors available that require little maintenance. Installing one can be an excellent investment in your home and can create a dramatic entrance to your home. The most decorative doors are still handmade by skilled craftsmen.

John Cusumano Construction Inc. will help you decide what type and style of door is best for your home. We are familiar with all the latest makes and brands. We will help pick out a door that offers quality, craftsmanship and most importantly SAFETY!